Films shot in NE Alabama

If you have a film that you have shot in this area, please contact us and send us the embed code (custom width = 700 px) and information about your project. We will post on this page.


This is our third group film. Written and directed by member Chris Singleton. Shot in a local bar that used to be a brothel 100 years ago, the story features LUCINDA - a real ghost that still haunts the Peerless Saloon and Grille to this day!




This is a film shot by one of our members, Jerry Ramsey. Jerry was our cinematographer for our latest group film, LUCINDA (screening later this year).


This is our second group film. Centers around the issues of PTSD and homeless Veterans. Shot in Zinn Park, Anniston in December 2013. Currently this film is being submitted to film festivals. If you'd like to watch, please type in the password YELLOWHAMMER.


The Unreinable Compulsion

After loner Dewayne Sykes (Jarrod Cuthrell) gives in to his irrational desire to recreationally murder a stranger, he begins his search for a random victim and finds one in “Miss Fit” (Jen Stedham), a young jogger he spies at a park. After briefly familiarizing himself with her neighborhood and schedule, he puts his plan into action and commits a murder that will haunt him in ways he couldn’t anticipate.




McDorkyProductions ( Eugene McDorky) - GOT MILK competition. Eugene is one of our high school members. What a great commercial!

MELANIE - Bo Peep and the Huntsman [HD] 2012 Give Me My Love. Written by Melanie Tolbert, Raphael DeGiorgio, Producer: Raphael DeGiorgio, Director: David Brower, Editor: James Smith / Potts Marketing, Huntsman: Joseph Allen Stuart, Makeup: Linda Thacker, Hair: Janice Tolbert, Locations: Alan Thacker / Bountiful Farm, Production Assistant: Danielle Livermore, PA Kristen Stewart

"Out in 8" was made as part of Sidewalk Film Festival's 8th Anniversary. It was shot in the old Jacksonville jail.

This video was shot the same day as "Out in 8" and is entitled "Jailhouse Joker"

Written and Directed by Annette Wolfe, this delightful children's movie was accepted into many different film festivals.

Written and Directed by Annette Wolfe and Annie Brunson, this was shot in White Plains, Alabama

McDorkyProductions (Eugene McDorky) This was done for a library commercials, advertising summer reading for the children's program at the Anniston library. It represented Alabama in the national competition.

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