Local Filmmakers of NE Alabama

Meeting, Thursday, June 15

Dear Friends,

The Wedding Pool


The Wedding Pool is now finished. We will be screening it at this week's meeting. Once we get a few more shorts completed, we plan to host a public event during which we will show Voices, The Wedding Pool, any new YellowHammer Filmmaker's production, and a few other films by local filmmakers. Doing The Wedding Pool was loads of fun. Shooting this film allowed us to improve on several aspects of our filmmaking. There were a few things that we still need to improve on. Those will be discussed at the meeting this Thursday.


Evening of Independent Film

6 pm, Thursday, May 15, 2017, at Brunson Companies, 600 Leighton Ave, Ste. C, Anniston

Come join us for an evening of independent film! We will be showing several short films, INCLUDING The Wedding Pool, which we shot in May. Hopefully, we can decide on a concept for our next film, which we shoot sometime between the latter part of June and July.

Of course, we'll show several great indie films. Including The Wedding Pool, here is what we will be showing: