Local Filmmakers of NE Alabama

Meeting, Thursday, July 20

Dear Friends,

Future Film Projects

As the school year gets back into swing, we are planning several short film projects. At least one will be a documentary that will focus primarily on poverty and crime in Anniston. Last week Anniston experienced the eighth intentional homicide, which results in a 67.09 homicide rate, which is worse than those of several large cities such as St. Louis, Detroit, and Baltimore. This is an opportunity for filmmakers to get togther and have an impact on our community. The other two projects will be either a comedy, a drama, or a music video. While we already have some ideas and have approached a three different music artists for the music video, we are pretty much open for ideas at this time. We would like to decide on scripts by the end of July.


Evening of Independent Film

6 pm, Thursday, July 20, 2017, at The Brunson Companies, 600 Leighton Ave, Ste. C, Anniston

Come join us for an evening of independent film! We will be showing several short films. We may even shot a film during the meeting.

Of course, we'll show several great indie films. (If we have any remaining cast or crew for The Wedding Pool who have not seen that movie, we can show it again as well)